Monday, 14 June 2010

Isn't it simple? We are being had!

The now taken as read policy of cutting public services due to the massive debt has never been questioned by the many commentators or media outlets. This sudden rush to make the public services the whipping boy during the last election and the on going threat it poses to the nations future totally mystifies me. Has every one forgotten about the banking industry? The country did not suddenly fall into this uncontrollable financial nose dive overnight. The attack on the public services began being voiced only once the privatised banks had been bailed out with public money and we lesser beings were told that it would be the end of western civilisation if the banks were allowed to fail. Our very own Thunderbirds stand-in told us so, as did the 'Great Leader' of the time Mr Broon. If they had told people that as a result of giving Sir Fred and his like a hand up out of their gold-plated gutters we would be doing so at the expense of those in society most in need of help and assistance then I feel we would perhaps have taken our chances with the end of civilisation. Our newly elected (just) P.M is quite clear the cuts are going to change the way our society operates, well it's not David! it will change the way society operates for the most needy, for the rich and richer life will continue happily thank you very much! We've thrown the baby out with the bath water and it ain't coming back.

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  1. Bang on the money Waylander.

    Great Blog name by the way!


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