Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Silly Billy's

The recent media reaction to the poor performance and subsequent failure of the English Football Team to make any way in the World Cup has not sat well with me. The media appear now to be lashing out at the FA, Capello ( the manager) and the players. There is a drive in the reporting that borders on the ridiculous which led me to leave this post on relation to an article on The Times on Tuesday 29.06.10.
'The only thing that the English players can get the blame for is a poor performance, that's it nothing else. The media seems happy to direct the scorn toward the players not just for the performance ( or lack thereof) but also to the fact that the oh so stupid individuals who through blind faith and ignorance paid out their hard earned cash on this foreign adventure in the arrogant belief that England would come top of the group and easily sail through to the semi finals. The fact that these fans have done so is not the fault of the FA, Capello or the team it is their own fault that they are now left in S.A whilst the under-performers get jetted home in 1st class. The media would be better spent covering real news and not covering for the fact that sports fans are a silly lot.'

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